About us


Glorious Child School Limited is a school that has been in existence since 1998. We are known to be one of the best schools in Ghana and precisely the Ga west Municipality. Our mission as a school is to provide an enabling environment that promotes acquisition transmission and dissemination of relevant knowledge, skills and attitude to develop the child holistically. Glorious Child School limited is the school for all your kids.

“At GCSL, we see every child as an individual, with unique abilities, skills and aspirations. We offer a caring environment where children are encouraged to grow in an exciting and engaging way, through exposure to a broad and rich curriculum and a variety of experiences that will enable them to reach their full potential.
It is our view that the atmosphere in a school is a key ingredient to success. A child learns best and develops a love of learning when he or she is happy, stimulated, and supported. We provide a safe environment where mutual respect, consideration and cooperation prevail.
We consider the relationship between the child, the parent and the school to be vitally important and that all must be fully motivated and committed to working in a partnership for the education of the whole child. Exposure to our value system leads to the healthy personal development of a child, providing a christian moral direction and inspiration for life.
We invite you to come and see the school in action to get a feel of the learning atmosphere at Glorious Child School Limited.”

Admissions are opened from Creche to JHS 2 all year round.

Admission form can be downloaded HERE !