Our Values


Every child is a person. created in God’s own image, equal in worth, dignity, wonder, complexity and basic needs to any other.

At Glorious Child School, we understand that good examination results are necessary for progression, but we will never let the legitimate demands of assessment obscure the central purpose of education: preparing young people for life.

GCSL exists to serve the whole child, inspiring and guiding him or her to become a mature, responsible and engaging adult.

Christian Ethics

A concern for relationships is the heart of Christianity. At GCSL, we place the highest priority upon happy, considerate, cheerful relationships. An atmosphere marked by kindness, as well as order, simplicity and beauty helps a child feel secure, comfortable and able to work to the best of his or her ability.

We consider it important for a child’s healthy personal development that he or she be exposed to a system of values and beliefs capable of making sense of reality and of providing moral direction and inspiration for life.

We welcome children from all backgrounds.

Habits and attitudes

Growth in character is central to our concern. We often talk about the formation of good habits. Nurturing a positive attitude to learning is among our most important objectives, and our educational methods are specifically tailored to achieve this. Our curriculum is based on the Ghana Education Service (GES) approved curriculum designed to stimulate all children, regardless of their innate ability, by helping them form a ‘relationship’ with the best of our cultural and natural inheritance.

Our priority is to ensure children leave Glorious Child School Limited inspired, confident and creatively engaged with ideas.